"The little girl BELIEVED that she could, and she really DID".

We are up to Wednesday already and it was lovely to see and talk with parents and whanau during meet and greet time.  I feel so privileged to be working with and alongside your tamariki.  There was so much food that students wll enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch the following day.

All students have finished their koi carp art and two groups enjoyed their first session of Mathletics.  A few internet consent forms are yet to be returned. 
The next art pieces are self-portraits that will be completed using sharpie and watercolour medium.  If families have any magazines (to be cut up), half-pint jars with lids and 2 or 3 litre FIZZY plastic bottles, please send them along to school. Thank you.  That's wonderful week 3...       Whaea Jeanette


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