Congratulations to our Quadblogging buddies for taking on the Spring Photo Challenge.

As you now know the challenge is a win-win situation for everyone who takes part.  All quadblogging classes get the chance to try their photography skills and share what Spring looks like and we at EPS will receive feedback from those who join in.  The challenge also gives us the chance to participate and post words of praise for others.  

The Quadbloggers Spring Photo Challenge rules as expectations are:
1.  Photographs must be original, current and taken by the person who writes the post
2.  The post or comment title should indicate that the photo is part of the Quadbloggers Spring Photo Challenge
3.  Remember to leave a message for us bout your photo/experiences by clicking on the blue COMMENTS tab.  Include a link to your page in your post too if you can.
4.  Be prepared for lots of positive feedback should you say YES and join this challenge


Lucy from Tangowahine school
11/20/2013 1:02pm

Hi I'm lucy
Do you like spring collage? Because we did
some of it this year

Jessica.S. from Tangowahine school
11/20/2013 1:04pm

Hi I'm Jessica.S.
Do you like your spring collage pic's?
We did spring collage for pet day this term it was fun.


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