"Welcome to Week 5.  It's going to be a very mixed and busy time for thinking and learning.  We will enjoy the School Assembly in Tuesday hosted by Room 7 and Whaea Lesa and a few students will be asked to help share the actions to Hot Potato.  On Wednesday and Thursday Toxic Reading happens and it will be nice to see our Buddy Readers from Room 11 on Tuesday and Thursday.  Teacher Book Share also features this week and we will begin sample writing on Wednesday.  Yes, it's busy...and we still have to fit in setting up our blogs and group work using the iPads" - Whaea Jeanette


Ms Beattie
09/06/2013 6:23pm

Bonjour Room 6
I really enjoyed my day in your class on Thursday.Thank you. Keep practicing those French numbers!! Next time I come in I will teach you some more phrases.
You are all Fantastique!! Merci Ms Beattie

10/23/2013 2:45pm

I used to do archery as well.Did you use targets or bottles?

Tangowahine School

11/19/2013 12:27pm

I LOVE doing cinquain poetry, but then I LOVE all types of poetry

Tangowahine School


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