We hosted the Assembly  today and would like to thank Ms Beattie for giving us the opportunity to share our love for learning with other students and teachers in  school.  Many classes do wonderful things too that they may one day want to celebrate.  

Thank you Whaea Jo for drawing the 'Golden Box' and Whaea Daniele for using technology to share your important message about the Sports Award (while you were away sick).  We hope you get well soon.  

We would also like to thank Mr Haimona for helping with the sound issues.

A final big SHOUT OUT goes to all the teachers and students of EPS who enjoyed our efforts to 'wing it often' and help make our Assembly time together very special.


Mrs C. Room 9 EPS
08/19/2013 10:25pm

Room 6 I am so proud of you taking assembly today, what role models you are to the children in Room 9. As soon as we came back to class Tammi showed me the utube site with the cup song and the rest is history. My girls are now going to demonstrate at our Junior Get Together on Friday. See what you have started ! Keep it up and who knows where you will all end up.

Room 6 and Whaea Jeanette
08/21/2013 2:32am

Dear Mrs Clark,

Thank you for your positive comments. We enjoy sharing Whakaaro Pai as leaders and role models in our school.

It is nice to hear that your class enjoyed our cup song video and are now practicing for the Junior School Assembly. Tell them good luck from us.

We love learning with our new iPads and look forward to sharing more at the next Assembly we host.

Xavier from Room 9 @ EPS
08/20/2013 11:13pm

Hi Room 6.

Your ipads look great. Has anybody used them yet? If yes, what for?

Room 6
08/22/2013 1:01am

Hello Xavier

Thank you for your comment. We are learning how to care for the iPads. We have completed an iPad scavenger hunt and taken photos of ourselves. There is so much more learning to do.

Tammi from Room 9 @ EPS
08/20/2013 11:15pm

Hi Whaea Jeanette. The ipads looked great yesterday at assembly. When I come to your class in 3/4 years time you might have new tools in your class. I wonder what they will look like ?

Whaea Jeanette
08/22/2013 1:04am

Tena koe Tammi

We have just started learning with the iPads. Each day we must also remember to charge them. I also wonder what kind of tools we will be using in about four years time.

Matua Brett
09/03/2013 3:41pm

Kia ora Room 6,
Ka mau te wehi on your fantastic website. He mahi ataahua!!
I'm currently setting up my very own Weebly page on a course in Tauranga.
I can't wait to link and share our page with you all.
Kia ora ano, Matua Brett aka Mr Cool

09/03/2013 4:46pm

Hello Matua Brett

Thank you for your wonderful comment. We have ten iPads in our class that I love using. The best thing would have to be taking videos. Good luck with your class website.


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