If there is one goal that I would like to get right this term, it has got to be keeping this webspace and blog up to date and active.  There have also been times when connectivity has presented issues. 

An idea I have is to entice my great writers to take snapshots of our daily events and then write a synposis to go with each photo.  Wish me luck.                                                  Whaea Jeanette


Grace From TWS
10/20/2013 1:54pm

Hi! Your class is lucky learning how to do archery. I really like that. My sister has a bow and a quiver of arrows at home. I know how to use tham but still, getting to use a weapon at school! AWESOME!!!
P.S. I love archery. :)

10/20/2013 4:21pm

Hi I am Sam from vardon school. I think is a great goal and it also makes a difference for your blog.But how will you do this?
good luck!

Sam :)


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